2019-05-23: California Medical Board Orders Psychiatrist Dirk DeBrito to Cease Practicing

2019-05-23: Radik Masagutov, Russian Psychiatrist, Convicted of Raping 16-Year-Old Patient

2019-05-21: State Fines, Reprimands Psychiatrist Dale Wallington for Excessive Xanax Prescribing

2019-05-20: Virginia Psychologist Mwende Mualuko, Jailed for Shoplifting in 2017, Convicted and Jailed Again

2019-05-20: California Psychiatrist Sharmistha Barai Convicted for Human Trafficking

2019-05-17: State Seeks to Revoke Medical License of California Psychiatrist Gregory Gray; Patient Died

2019-05-17: State Board Suspends Psychiatrist Keith Ablow: A "Serious Threat to Public Health"

2019-05-10: Arkansas Psychologist Michelle Messer Sentenced; Ran off to Vegas with State Mental Hospital Patient

2019-05-10: Grand Jury Indicts Ohio Psychiatrist Pradeep Mathur on Controlled Substance Charges

2019-05-08: Jailed Psychologist Richard Lenhart, a "Violent Sexual Predator," Denied Early Release

2019-05-08: Butte Psychiatrist Bennett Braun Sued for Disfiguring Drug Treatment

2019-04-29: Psychologist Daniel Rouse-Stanton Banned for Three Years For Sex with Patient

2019-04-29: Federal Agents Raid Office of Alabama Psychiatrist John Christopher Strunk

2019-04-25: State Revokes License of Colorado Psychologist Peter C. Solon; Numerous Criminal Convictions

2019-04-24: Michigan Psychologist Michael Varney Pleads No Contest to Criminal Sexual Conduct, More

2019-04-24: NJ Child Psychologist Lorenzo Puertas Charged with Repeated Sexual Assault of Child

2019-04-24: Kansas Psychiatrist Brian Lahey Loses License for Sex with Patient, Practicing on Suspended License

2019-04-19: Psychiatrist John Sappington Surrenders License; Numerous Complaints of Negligent Prescribing

2019-04-19: Psychiatrist Marc Spelar, Indicted in Federal Opioid Bust, Was on Probation for 2017 Drug Conviction

2019-04-17: NY Psychiatrist Jacques Levy Surrenders License, over Controlled Substance-Related Failures

2019-04-17: NY Psychiatrist Ewald Antoine Loses License Following Felony Fraud Conviction

2019-04-17: NY Psychiatrist Don Kerson Surrenders License on Controlled Substance, Sex-Related Charges

2019-04-17: Ohio Medical Board Reprimands Psychiatrist Pradeep Mathur for Unlawful Prescribing

2019-04-16: Ohio Medical Board Suspends Psychiatrist Michael Anikeev; Domestic Violence, Drunk Driving

2019-04-14: New Mexico Psychiatrist Mark Beale Charged with Sexual Assaults of Six Patients

2019-04-13: Universal Health Services (UHS) Must Face Claims That It Held Patients Illegally, Investors Say

2019-04-05: Psychiatrist Charles Noplis Under Investigation Again for Violent Acts

2019-04-01: NYC Psychologist Leanh Nguyen Suspended for Sexual Violation of Patient

2019-03-29: Psychiatrist Prabakar Rajan Thomas Sentenced to 14 Mos Jail for Sexual Assault of Patient