Arizona mental health counselor David Orlowski surrenders license

May 17, 2012

On April 2, 2012, the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners revoked the license of licensed professional counselor David W. Orlowski.

According to the Board’s report, Orlowski, in his capacity as a pastor, provided occasional pastoral counseling to a father and mother of a minor child between 1998 and 2002.

The father was convicted of a felony in 2000 or 2001and was placed on probation, which he later violated. In 2007, he pleaded guilty to forgery and credit card theft and was incarcerated for three years, during which he filed a petition to establish paternity, custody and visitation with the daughter. In 2009, he asked Orlowski to write a letter in support of his petition.

Orlowski included in the letter his “LPC” designation though he had not counseled either individual in his capacity as a licensed professional counselor but as a pastoral counselor.

In his letter he opined that the Father posed no risk to the Daughter despite the fact that the letter was based primarily on information about Mother and Daughter provide to him by Father. Orlowski had not seen nor spoken to Mother since 2002 and had never seen nor spoken with the Daughter nor had he gathered any collateral information about the daughter pertaining to her best interests.

Orlowski surrendered his license on the charges, which was deemed a revocation.

Source: Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Adverse Action Tracking Form, 2012.

2012-06-02 19:41:41
The ABBHE did their job well. As the investigators were getting the runaround by Mr. Orlowski, they stayed on top of it and followed up on all the tales being told. He was a pastor or wait no a psychologist or wait..... The letter he wrote for the father said it all. The father is harmless because David Orlowski says so and look at all his credentials after his signature and his new homemade letterhead from his home church! He couldn't decide who ordained him when asked at the first hearing. Apparently, first it was the Assembly Of God but NOPE. AZBBHE verified in fact they did not ordain him but AofG are very familiar with Mr. Orlowski. They had to investigate this fact as he wasn't forthcoming with proper documentation so they could distinguish whether he was acting as a pastor or psychologist in reference to the complaint. The mother filed the complaint stating she never knew if Mr. Orlowski was "acting" as a pastor or psychologist. Apparently this was a problem which still may not be totally clear. Mr. Orlowski when caught with no credentials from Assembly of God, said a man who is dead now ordained him. AZBBHE asked him to please get that documentation for them. Well the second hearing Mr. Orlowski was a "no show". The mother was threatened if she pursued this complaint "she'd be paying Mr. Orlowskis attorneys fees plus be publicly humiliated". Mr. Orlowski seemed pretty confident his multiple records keeping plan, "one for the courts, one for himself and one for the AZBBHE" which each read a bit differently, was the proper way to keep records. The part about "how many times did you speak with the father while he was in prison?" appeared to be another 3 sided answer as one time it was several times which then became a claim of maybe 3 letters per year with no recall of any in person phone calls between them but as the complaint moved on he suddenly recalled a lengthy phone conversation through the prison clergy with the father. (a portion of the proceeds of his self published authored book are sent to prison clergy or something like that??)
There is a child involved in this case and the father was incarcerated with serious past issues from 9 felony charges plus...mental diagnosis, documented abuse to the mother and detailed threats to the unborn baby and mother. Mr. Orlowski felt the father is of no danger were his words and he described, physically emotionally and more. He was willing to testify and offer his "expert" testimony in this case. Why would a family court Judge believe this "Senior Pastor" and "Licensed Professional Counselor" plus designations and a PHD be willing to lie unless he'd done his job.? Correct? So needless to say this put the child in the grave danger the father and his counsel claimed she was in with the mother. The mother who singlehandedly with no child support for over a decade, raised this happy honor roll student who was a purple belt in Taekwondo and a mother who has not so much as a traffic ticket, owns a business of 21 years with no negative action in that time and a home owner for 17 years. What's the judge to think? The child was then forced to meet and LOVE HER DAD through a court appointed psychologist. This father exacted the revenge he threatened since the child was a baby in this reunification persons office. This psychologist appeared to be practicing "deprogramming" with the child and the child went from happy innocent and believing in law to fearful of law, extremely unhappy and wanting to be dead, crying all the time. Of course they blame this on the mother in court. Mr. Orlowski had a major hand in how this first portion of the case went due to the courts wanting DNA to count above all else and Mr. Orlowski seemed to have not much concern for the child as he never even asked since 2002 when he informed the mother at his supposed pastoral counsel session she had no money so he couldn't see her in the future??....Praise Jesus? So the mother never received so much as a call.

Perjury, isn't that a crime as there were several perjured affidavits filed by the father from his prison cell which can be proven with a simple google search and the way family courts work, evidence is irrelevent and lies are plentiful and accepted only mothers appear to be held accountable for this. They have done considerable harm to this child. Their actions are criminal. Mother and child still wondering about their rights..........

Dale Karin Trowridge
2012-06-08 14:41:04
I have personal knowledge concerning the above case. I too have experienced family court/judicial corruption along with the incompetency of members in the psychological field. My case is over 12 years long and in Michigan.

Hats off to the AZBBHE for stepping up and revoking David W.Orolwskis license. More importantly I want to express my admiration for the mom in the above case;her perseverance has saved many other good parents and innocent children from having to experience the pain her and her daughter were forced to endure. David W. Orlowski can no longer use his name (past title)to emotionally, mentally and financially destroy the innocent.

For others who may read this and have not experienced the grave injustice I want you to know what a great accomplishment has taken place with the State of AZ revoking Orlowski license. As stated I am a 12 plus year victim and I have not been able to receive any sort of justice in my Michigan case.

Julie Olson
2012-06-18 18:50:52
I met Eralyn at a conference this spring (2012) and heard her story. I hope people will step up and help her. I shared my story with her. I, too, am going through family court, and the children and I as a family have been destroyed by CPS and the family court system of judges, evaluators, and therapists here in Arizona. I am thankful that AZBBHE is addressing the issues with some of the therapists and evaluators involved in cases who do harm to the best interest of the children. As a special education teacher of 13 years I see all kinds of families and situations in school. My heart is with children. The more we work together to help the children amidst the injustice, the more we can accomplish! I am here for not only my children's well-being, but the welfare of all children!

Carol Daniels
2012-06-26 14:45:09
This man is a disgrace. I have renewed faith in the system that was able to sort through the convoluted mess he made of both of his roles as a so called pastor and a licensed professional. The mother that had the courage to bring this forward and expose him should be thanked. This poor family.

Let's Get Honest
2012-07-10 15:13:12
These are (emotionally) hard to respond to for most mothers, who often have our own cases. This Mom here was persistent - and this revocation is amazing. She didn't give up. I looked up in the related case at least the father's attorney (or one of them) -- who is absolutely a "fathers' rights" oriented attorney. I wouldn't know anything except that I happened to have blogged that conference (I think same one) mentioned by Julie Olson.. . . . I also looked up (pardon me) the Michigan case above, because 12 years is a VERY long time (FYI, it's been that long for me; but my kids aged out because I took longer to separate than some. From abuse). . . . . . //<br />
(Comments from Dale Trowbridge case, above). Dale, I notice your case involved a lot of child support issues, also that this was starting as far back as 1991. A LOT has happened in the interim -- namely fatherhood policies were entrenched in the HHS system and further enabled by 1996 Welfare Reform // Block Grants to States which re-tooled certain systems (esp. the OCSE Child Support system) to promote marriage, fatherhood, (abstinence), and other apple-pie values that supposedly would eradicate poverty, or at least put a leash on competent, independent, and educated and/or business-wise successful MOTHERS. In other words, during that timespan, the backlash against feminism made many strides forward. . . .<br /> ~

I blog at and another one, (which has a section on the "Broken Family Courts" conference put on by Nicholas Cummings and friends. . . .<br /> ~ Dale's comments nail the issue of Judicial Immunity (a big one and relevant for sure) and I tend to go more after the financial conflicts of interest (broader focus, but able to zero in on specific nonprofits in specific court systems which are set up to promote their own business interests, at taxpayer expense). . . . . I also talk alot about the AFCC (a chapter in AZ) and etc. . . . . <br /> I also know from experience what religion-based abuse is (I'm a Christian, but this whole experience -- we're talking years -- has pretty well soured me on supporting anything that takes place under a roof and collects money for a mortgage, or even renting space in an office building. . . . . The Orlowski situation has clear, clear, clear indications of some fatherhood funding -- to go and get a man in prison who hasn't shown interest in his kids to harass the mother, and do this under the guise of clergy, is about as low as it goes. . . . . And that's how low the federal HHS administration (esp. OCSE) has stooped, in who it gives grants too. They solicit faith-based grantees. I look lots of them up (see blogs). . . . A LOT of money is "MIA" and so are a lot of grantees. Want a quick example? Look up "faith-based solutions, llc" in Nevada. This company's person actually did jail time for felony/grand theft (whatever) in the 1990s, swift-talked a 10year sentence into six years, and in the next decade was doing it again. He's been sued I think in (or at least FROM) three states AND Haiti -- he targeted churches -- a completely immoral scam artist. <br />. . . BUT -- the HHS gave him (his company) $1,000,000 (that's "million") in "compassion capital funding," i.e. to jumpstart or expand his business. Typical startup funding is closer to $50K, which is why I researched that one. . . ..

Re: Orlowski, above -- he has some book he's distributing now through a Christian publisher, and it cites his credentials as from a certain university -- I'm interested, because I currently am being scammed by a professional whose website and references included the same university. This person calls herself "Dr." and Associate Professor -- and while the reference to that univ. was removed form a new cite, she still ran off with my retainer, which has put my housing at risk, after providing no (that's ZERO) services. When confronted on this, after dodging and stalling, and a few sob stories (relating actually to her own lack of a reasonable business plan) she finally produced a RETROACTIVE (and fraudulent) invoice -- only after I began to speak to others about the situation. . .<br /> I realize this is a very poor post here, but I hope it to encourage people to follow through with background checks. ALSO, says it here right -- prosecutions are rare and the field seems to attract the unethical. I believe psychologists should be thrown out of custody evaluations and the entire field. Generally speaking, what they are psychologizing (it was in your head), spiritualizing, or rationalizing is one or more forms of criminal behavior, often against children or reasonable / ethical mothers. <br />For Dale, also know that the intersection of the child support system is key. Depending on how first order was obtained, there's money in it for the states (from the feds) according to some complex calculations -- which do affect your custody cases. Feds pay $2 for every $1 of state enforcement of child support efforts. Excuses are made not to distribute, arrearages are compromised without the mother's participation (this happened to me, almost put me homeless after years of supporting my kids in a one-parent household AND trying to stay safe, retain a restraining order, and defend against various custody allegations. . . . ALL the years of the abuse and ALL the years of the harassment, custody attacks, and other nightmares (the father eventually got control of the children -- illegally; with help from a religious woman he picked up -- and she threw him out (i.e., he abandoned his daughters) and because I'd been cut completely out of their lives and had to take measures not to become homeless after all this (i.e., I had to let go of efforts to regain contact, or a relationship with my own daughters) -- I was not informed of the abandonment in enough time to do much about it. This is simply highway robbery of the kids -- and it's US federal social-science poverty. Obama's own mother aside, it's not fashionable to fail to have a man in on a kids' life: DNA counts because it moves $Dollars. . . . Character and truth, by and large, does not seem to count.<br />

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