2024-04-18: Washington State Psychologist Austin Gonzalez-Randolph Charged with Sexual Assault

2024-04-18: New York Psychologist Maya Hayes Charged with 65 Sex Crimes against Eight Juveniles

2024-04-11: Rhode Island Revokes Medical License of Psychiatrist Steven W. Powell following Fraud Conviction

2024-04-08: Acadia Healthcare: Highland Ridge Hospital Closing after Years of Patient Safety Concerns

2024-04-02: More Than 90 Lawsuits Filed Against Arkansas Psychiatrist Brian Hyatt

2024-04-02: Universal Health Services: $535M Verdict in Sexual Assault Suit involving Minor

2024-03-21: Michigan Psychiatrist Barika Butler-Quarles Gets Prison Sentence for Home Invasion, Firearms Conviction

2024-03-20: Universal Health Services: Lawsuit Alleges Laurel Oaks Facility Mishandled Sex Assault of 8-Year-Old Patient

2024-03-18: Kentucky Psychiatrist Jason Stamper Pleads Guilty to Distributing Amphetamines

2024-03-13: West Virginia Psychology Board Puts Barbara Nelson on Probation for "Intellectual Disability" Diagnosis

2024-03-13: Police Investigating Assam Psychiatrist Himabrata Das after Numerous Complaints

2024-03-06: Wisconsin Psychiatrist John D. Whelan Sentenced to 4 Years Prison on Federal Drug Conviction

2024-03-05: Universal Health Services: Counselor Sues Wyoming Behavioral Institute & Psychiatrist David Martorano for Sexual Harassment

2024-03-05: Kentucky Psychiatrist Jason Stamper Set to Plead Guilty to Federal Drug Trafficking Charges

2024-02-26: Psychiatrist Zinia Sue Thomas, Facing Felony Drug Charges, Loses Licenses, Announces Scholarship (?)