Psychologist Carrie E. Schaffer suspended over sex with former patient

August 11, 2012

On April 11, 2012, the Virginia Board of Psychology indefinitely suspended Carrie E. Schaffer, Ph.D.

According to the Board’s findings of fact, As of April 2011, Dr. Schaffer continued to be involved in an intimate and sexual relationship with a former client, which was the subject of an August 2010 Board Consent Order.

This same relationship was the basis for a 2009 Board reprimand. At that time, Schaffer allowed a patient to visit her home and to kiss her. She reported that the then-patient to visit her four time but on the fourth visit told the patient that she could not longer accept visits and self-reported her behavior to the Board.

However, the current Board document states that Schaffer was not truthful with the Board in 2009, as she later informed an investigative committee that the intimate and sexual relationship has continued up until present time. Her license will remain suspended for no less than one year.

Source: Consent Order in re: Carrie E. Schaffer, Ph.D., License No. 0810-002178, Case Nos. 134704 & 136697, before the Virginia Board of Psychology.


Kerrie J Pierce
2013-04-15 12:54:52
Please do not renew her license. She was my therapist for a brief time and she was horrible. She completely misdiagnosed me and did not help me at all. She had a terrible belittling attitude and has made me very hesitant to try therapy again. Terrible experience.

Madeline Iva
2013-06-02 09:04:19
I too, was a patient of Carrie Schaffer. I too felt belittled by her.

I know the person she became involved with --and this is not someone who just needed some hand holding for minor issues. This is someone with serious issues who is exceptionally vulnerable.

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